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Friday, September 25, 2015

Life with a newborn

Baby Sage is here!!  He's now 7 weeks old- and I'm not quite sure how that happened so fast.

For some reason, it's taking us a bit longer to adjust to having a newborn than it did the first time around. 

 Maybe it's because we also have an (almost) three-year-old?  He is a bit fussier than Z was,but things are getting better every day.  We switched to a formula for sensitive tummies and adjusted his bottles so he gets less air (and therefore less burping/fussiness) and that appears to be helping.  I'm still managing to cook at least 2 times a day, even if it's just microwave oatmeal and/or frozen foods sometimes.  

I have a really great helper
We're adjusting expectations around here too... when you only get 10 free minutes to do part of a project, it's hard to be happy with that; but at least after a while, you can see some progress.  My goal is to post here on Fridays- which for the rest of this year, would be a huge improvement!!  

These took me over a week to make, but somehow, still got done before making an invite on Facebook.
Right now I'm planning Zephyr's 3rd birthday party (a musical Fantasia theme- it will be awesome even if slightly confusing to describe), doing a bit of preschool-homeschooling (working on calendar time and things related to fall), and trying to maintain a bit of order amid the chaos.  Most days I feel pretty successful!

Apple hat!  She chose the design and I put it together.
Thanks for hanging in there with us; or coming back, as the case may be.  Next Friday I should have a book review for you!