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Friday, July 10, 2015

Baby Update and Brownies!

So, the baby is supposedly due in about a month, but I have a feeling it will be sooner than that! I've been getting together our supplies and compiling a huge Amazon list of things we'll need right away in an attempt to be more organized than last time.  This week I also finished his mobile! Secret Name Baby "S" is getting a space theme for his room. :)

I wasn't sure if I was going to like the sparkly bits, but I think this is my best mobile yet!  I used a wire frame for a wreath, hot glue, old flannel from my spaceship pyjamas, stars cut with my Cricut, a "D" ring for the top, and some ribbon and string.

My  helper! 
Today's been the first day in recent memory that it's not 5 million degrees in my house, so what am I doing? Baking brownies, of course!  I used a Ghirardelli mix (the best ones, IMO) with coconut oil instead of regular oil. Then I cut up some marshmallows and dusted the top with graham crackers to make Extreme S'More's Brownies.  I can't imagine anything could go wrong with that!

Before baking...

And after.... Nothing to see here! (except delicious melty marshmallows!)

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