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Monday, November 10, 2014

Goals for the week

I'm thinking that if I post some of my goals for the week, I'll a.) actually feel accomplished when I do them and b.)post more frequently.  Really, a win-win all around!

Cooking Goals: 

PB &J Breakfast Bars from Thug Kitchen (man, this book is AMAZING)
Kale and Coconut Bowl from Joy the Baker

Craft Goals: 

Start on the next section of knitting scarf (which has scary new stitch in it!)
Embroider on quilt top
Open pop up shop on Etsy (!!! One of my New Year's goals, coming to fruition!)

General Goals: 

Get this kitten to stop biting me!

Oh look, he's so sweet!
There is a reason his nickname is "Bitan", but this isn't illustrating it.

1 comment:

  1. Hand feed him some treats, I use fried chicken bits. If they take food from your hand they must acknowledge you as the Alpha and the biting stops. I wish someone had told me sooner. My Lilo bit me for years before I learned this. Now she is good and understands I am in charge. (In cat colonies, the alpha cat decides who eats what and all kills are brought to the center of the colony for the alpha cat to divide. This is why they bring in a dead gopher and put it in your shoe, for you to divide.)