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Monday, November 10, 2014

Goals for the week

I'm thinking that if I post some of my goals for the week, I'll a.) actually feel accomplished when I do them and b.)post more frequently.  Really, a win-win all around!

Cooking Goals: 

PB &J Breakfast Bars from Thug Kitchen (man, this book is AMAZING)
Kale and Coconut Bowl from Joy the Baker

Craft Goals: 

Start on the next section of knitting scarf (which has scary new stitch in it!)
Embroider on quilt top
Open pop up shop on Etsy (!!! One of my New Year's goals, coming to fruition!)

General Goals: 

Get this kitten to stop biting me!

Oh look, he's so sweet!
There is a reason his nickname is "Bitan", but this isn't illustrating it.

Friday, November 7, 2014

My First Quilt!

It has taken me forever, but I've finally finished my quilt top!  I started on this journey years ago when I found this book.  I cut all of the pieces, and started making squares.  Then I'd put it away for months and months until I felt like making squares again.  After getting some tiny baby quilts from my friends, I decided that maybe this didn't have to be a 100-piece quilt after all.  Maybe a throw quilt would be fine for my first project.  Then I made some more squares.  

The other night I was feeling crafty, but no desire to spend more money or cut out a new pattern...and I busted out my quilt bits again.  I pieced them together this week, and here we are!!  A finished quilt top!!  There was one part that didn't come together exactly perfectly, but I just added two more strips of fabric to even it out.  I'm hoping that you won't even really see it once I add some binding and put it all together.

Here is part of the reason that my posts have been so sparse lately.  

This is Titan! We adopted two kittens at the middle of September, and they have been happily sucking up a lot of our free time.  They are both orangers and are getting spoiled rotten.  (Yes, I made up the word "orangers".  I think it's hilarious, and John was sick at the time that I first said it, so he couldn't fight me too hard about it.)

Upcoming crafts: Resin Jewelry!