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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stumptown Iced Coffee!

I'm not much of a coffee drinker.  I like the taste of it, but if I drink an entire mocha, I usually end up sick and jittery after a few hours- just too much sugar and caffeine for me, I guess.  But, I added some of this fancy stuff to our dairy order this week, (I was thinking that John might like it) and after last night's baby-waking marathon (3 hours asleep, 3 hours awake, 3 hours asleep) I decided to give it a shot.  

It is freaking amazing!

I had about half a cup, and added some ice to it.  Online it said that it was just milk and coffee, but there is a little sugar in it- I'm glad I checked because I've been really monitoring my sugar intake lately (more on that later).  It's not bad though; about +3 grams per cup, so not even a whole teaspoon.  And it is DELICIOUS. I might just make it through this morning alive.  

(Side note: If you wanted to make this yourself, cold brew some coffee, add some milk and sugar or stevia, and store in the fridge!  Serve with ice.  I'm thinking of all sorts of things I could make with it; ice cream, popsicles, fancy mixed drinks with Irish Cream or Kahlua....)

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