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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Quiche Eggs

 I have a new way to make boring old egg breakfasts more exciting.... make them more like quiche! (but without the time commitment or crust necessity)

Quiche Eggs (serves 1.5= me + Zizi)

2 eggs (or 4 if for 2 adults)
about 1/2 c. vegetables (today I used 2 asparagus, some kale, and a couple of basil leaves)
2 Tbsp. milk
1/4 tsp. Grey Poupon mustard (I like the seedy one)
a little butter
salt and pepper

Chop up your veggies and saute with the butter and a little water.

In a small bowl, whip up your eggs with the milk and dijon mustard.  You can add some salt and pepper too, if you like.

 After the veggies are cooked, pour in the egg mixture.  Scramble as the edges start to get done.  I usually flip it over after most of one side is done, and add cheese.

Serve with toast or fake meat products if you are like me. 


  1. Yum! Those eggs look very tasty! I have tried to make comments in the relatively recent past, and I couldn't. Now suddenly, I can again.

  2. Hmm... maybe it was when I was editing some things... ? Glad it's working now!