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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dollhouse is finished!!

I have been working on this dollhouse for what feels like a very long time, over a month for sure.

 It was originally red on the outside, yellow on the bottom floor (that is now pink) and plain wood on the top floor (that is now blue).  I used just regular acrylics to do the colors, and white glossy interior house paint on the outside (of course right after I took this, I decided that I didn't like the white, so I painted it with some leftover paint from Z's room.)

I cut some leftover foam core into pieces to make middle walls for the dollhouse, and covered them with cute scrapbooking paper and mod podge. The cutting was both easier and harder than you would imagine; easier when cutting the main pieces (just score and snap) harder for doing the doorway and getting it to actually fit in the dollhouse (I actually tried sanding some of it because I wanted them to be super tight and not just fall down.  I also wanted them to be stronger than a toddler's pulling strength.)

Walls in and princesses ready to play!

There's a tiny hook in the "bedroom" area that I think might end up with a tiny lamp or something.

Retro kitchen wall!

Princesses in the attic

Zephyr even decorated one wall; I liked it so much that I covered it with Mod Podge too!

She's not totally interested in playing with it yet, but when she is, it is DONE!  (Now I just need to find her some furniture...)

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