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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

20 Minute Countertop Makeover, with Oilcloth!

One of the counters in my kitchen is horrible. It's a faux butcher block that is the same wood as our floors.  It hasn't been sealed correctly, and probably hasn't been unsticky since the 70's.   (Ok, the white laminate counters aren't so great either, but at least you can clean them and paper doesn't permanently stick to them!)  I came up with a brilliant plan to cover this counter with some oilcloth after reading "At Home with Modern June"- my Mother's Day present from the twins.  They don't specifically have any projects like this in there, but it gave me the idea!

(Side note: while I did order this oilcloth from the author of the book, I don't really recommend them.  After multiple emails, they sent me the wrong fabric, and then when I finally got it, it wasn't the discussed size.  It is a really beautiful print though!)

 How did I do this? I lined it up onto one side, cut the other side to overlap to the edge of the counter, and then folded the ends like a package.

I was initially planning to use sticky velcro to adhere the oilcloth to the counter, but once it finally got here, I wanted to just do it; so... I used heavy duty packing tape!

I put it along the entire edges, taping it to the underside of the counter.  Then it was a few inches too short, so I taped it straight up to the counter.  I then cut a small piece to cover up the end there; you can barely notice it.  

It even goes nicely with the dining room paint!  All in all, this cost me less than $20 and took about 20 minutes to do. Oh, and it's so lovely! Way better than sticky wood, for sure!

How it looks now, with real things on it.

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