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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Latest Farmer's Market Haul

There are a lot of new vendors at our farmer's market this year, but my favorite is this guy who sells roasted peanuts!  This is the second week that I've gotten them, and they are really good.  (Can you even remember the last time you ate a peanut from a shell? I sure couldn't.)  I also got some dried pinto beans, some roasted peppers (2 jalapenos and I forget what the big one is), and those magical yellow beans in the middle there.  They're from Peru and I've never seen anything like them before.  He says that they are a very creamy bean and they cook up like cannellini or navy beans- I'm going to try them in the crockpot with two of those roasted peppers.  

From another vendor I picked up all of those homegrown tomatoes, a giant cucumber, and the container of arugula (so good!).  Salad season has officially arrived at my house!

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