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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cute Baby Present Ideas

My sister-in-law is pregnant with a little boy, and her shower was a couple of weeks ago (she's due in the end of June, if you are wondering)... thought I would share what I made for her!

They are doing a nautical theme for the nursery, so I made a cute little banner for them, complete with personalized anchors.  I made the fishy bias tape too, using this tutorial- super easy! (I love that blog, btw... how can I dislike a blogger with the same name as me?)

I really love this whale print!

I also made a little minky blanket.  I love minky because it's so incredibly soft, but it's kind of difficult to sew with.  I originally planned to use that grey blanket binding, but then remembered a.) how horrible it was to sew binding onto Z's blanket and b.) I realized that it didn't match quite as perfectly as I had hoped... so I just rolled the hems and called it a day.  She still loved it!

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  1. The banner is hanging proudly above where his crib will be!! It looks adorable! <3