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Thursday, May 8, 2014

10 Minute Homemade Applesauce

My awesome neighbor went to Eastern Washington a few weeks ago and brought us back some apples.  What to do? Make applesauce!!

While I was heating up lunch, I took 10 minutes (possibly even less) to prep.  Here's how you do it!

Peel and chop up your apples. (I had 6.)

Put into a small pot.  Add 1-2 cups of water, and a few dashes of cinnamon.  Heat it to medium high heat, then turn it down once it starts boiling.  Eat your lunch.  Add a bit more water when it gets low, and maybe a bit more cinnamon.  Clean up from lunch.  Smell the delicious apple smell now wafting through your house.  The apples still look hard? Add a bit more water (I think I did about 4 cups total for my 6 apples.)  If you want a thinner applesauce, you could add all of the water at the beginning, but I really wanted to make sure that my applesauce was thick and not watery (like that store-bought stuff that the baby prefers).  

Once the apples look done (i.e. more transparent), mash them with a potato masher to your desired consistency.  

My desired consistency
Some people add sugar and all sorts of things to their applesauce; but I like it simple.  Apples+water+cinnamon is good enough for me!

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