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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

On Turning 40... 40 Things I Have Loved

My 40th birthday was in February, and I was thinking about all of the things I have loved throughout my life.... and I came up with a list.  It is not in any particular order, and does not include family or friends.. that's just obvious!!  Some of them are not current loves (i.e. #12) but very important nonetheless.  Settle in, this is going to be a long one! (and you might discover some weird things about me)

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1.) Hole (the band)- I have loved them FOREVER- I think I've seen them play three times- once at the Gorge, and Courtney showed up in a Volvo.  Drew Barrymore was also on stage with them, since that's when she was dating the guitarist. Even when Courtney Love is kind of a train wreck, I still think she is amazing.
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2.) Basil

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3.) Shark Week on the Discovery Channel

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4.) Speak and Spell- Does anyone else remember this toy? I freaking LOVED this thing, and I still have it, hiding in a box somewhere in the garage, waiting for Zizi.  It works too!

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 5.) Jeopardy- I always win.  Always.  Unless it's questions about sports.  Or really specific history.  But I kick ass at anything related to movies, Shakespeare, geography, and obscure pop culture.  I don't think I could beat Ken Jennings or anything, but I'm really good.  I also think that Alex Trebek looks weird without his moustache.

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6.) Raspberries

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7.) Hollywood- I love it so much, I lived there for two and a half years.  I could see the sign from the roof of my building.  I still miss it; the weather, the random celebrity sightings, the awesome bookstore on the next block, fantastic Italian place behind my apartment building, the palm trees, walking to work, the shopping, exercising in Gwen Stefani's neighborhood.. just an amazing place to be.

8.) Palm Trees- When I lived in LA, a friend told me that rats live in the tops of the trees.  I refuse to believe her.  

 9.) Swimming- my favorite exercise, even when I was little; except I still don't put my face in the water unless absolutely necessary.
10.) Hazelnuts

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11.) The Cure- So many songs, so many memories.  I saw them a couple of years ago, and even though they're getting a bit older, it was still such an amazing show, with two encores- I think it was at least 3 hours!

12.) Bologna- This was my favorite type of sandwich as a kid.  I would even eat it with tortillas.  One of two meat products I really miss (the other is summer sausage), but will most likely never eat again.  Momentarily sad vegetarian! (ok, sadness over- I went looking for a picture and got really grossed out.  Gah!)

13.) Making Forts- I did this just today with Zizi!  She liked playing under the dining room table a lot more than the one that was just made out of sheets over her octagon/play area.

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14.) Unicorns- Child of the 70's, what can I say?

15.) Gardening- Growing up, we pretty much always had a garden, but I really didn't have much of one until I lived in L.A.  I had a gap for a few years when I moved back to WA, but now with almost 1/3 of an acre, there are things growing everywhere!

16.) Dressing Up- Who doesn't like that?

17.) Making Secret Clubs- I couldn't even tell you how many clubs I made up with friends, stuffed animals, neighbors, etc.  We didn't even really do anything, it was mostly the idea of having a club that was so appealing.

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18.) Butterflies

19.) Sourdough Bread- as a kid, we would get those big round loaves, cut them in half lengthwise, and make pizza on top of it.  It was so good... maybe I should try that again? :)

Lulu at my wedding
20.) Dogs- I wanted a dog for over 10 years before I got Lulu.  When I moved back to WA, I finally found an apartment where I could get a dog, and it was all over for me!

21.) French- I studied French for 3 years in high school, and taught English at a French school for 5 years.  I am fluent enough to understand very long staff meetings about dishwashing, and most songs after a few listens.  But I still love French.  :)

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22.) Dave Navarro: I had such a huge crush on Dave Navarro, I had a shrine to him for several years of college.  I used to make up vocabulary assignments for my students by using him in stories.  All the years I lived in LA, and I never saw or met him.  (although, for what it's worth, a friend of mine did and told me that he was super tiny-- she was not so tall herself, so I take her word for it.) And, it was very hard to find a picture of him wearing a shirt.  Does he need to wear a shirt?

23.) Tea: Lemon, green, roobios... I love them all!

image source Pretty much what my house would look like if I never gave any away...
24.) Books: I worked at my Grandmother's bookstore most Saturdays during my junior high years, and maybe early high school? I got to stamp books, put them away, secretly read the inside cover of romance novels, and then walk over to the grocery store for some kind of afternoon treat (usually raspberry cookies).  It was awesome.  I've always been an avid reader, and I used to say that Sesame Street taught me how to read- but it was really my mom.  :)

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25.) Hummingbirds: I saw one flying around inside the covered part of Molbak's the other  day, and it made me so happy.  (and they like hellabores? Who knew?)  Every time one shows up at the feeder, I hold up Zephyr to see it, and tell her that they are my favorite birds.  

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26.) Artichokes: especially with butter and fresh basil!
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27.) Dr. Who: I'm talking about the newest version here, from the last 8 years or so. I got OBSESSED with this show for a very long time- we have a Tardis cookie jar!  This last season was kind of disappointing though, and I'm actually rewatching it right now, just to see if there is anything redeeming about it  (Clara is so terrible and pointless!) David Tennant will always be my favorite.  :)

28.) Road Trips

29.) Homemade Macaroni and Cheese: This is my favorite thing to make for my birthday.  I used to have a recipe that I copied out of a cookbook, and now it's lost.  I seem to find it at inopportune times, and it's never where I think it is... but no matter.  I can make it from memory now.  Bechamel sauce+ onions+ dijion mustard+ nutmeg+ pasta

30.) Rhubarb Cake: I really need to blog about this cake.  I thought I already had, since I make it every summer, but alas, it's not here!  It's the only thing I really make with rhubarb, and it's freaking delicious.  It's a family recipe originally from my grandmother,  and I've even veganized it to pretty good effect.  Look for it soon!
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31.) Alias- This show is my gold standard for television.  Except for maybe the last season, (and a couple of random plots- zombie disease? really?)  it stands as my favorite action/drama t.v. show of all time.  Kickass female lead? Check.  5 million disguises? Check. Piles of plot twists? Check.  Not much else comes even close.  Oh yeah, and Michael Vartan.

image source and delicious looking recipe
32.) Cheesecake Danishes- One of my favorite things I remember eating in college, and probably the cause of any weight gain that I incurred there. (These actually look pretty close, and come with a recipe.  Danger!)

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33.) The Wizard of Oz- My favorite movie as a child, and really, still.  It's so great!  From the Technicolor to the Wicked Witch (my mom used to use her voice every time we drove through any dark woods), just so fantastic!

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34.) Roald Dahl- Childhood would have been a lot more boring without books by Roald Dahl.  Even though I thought his name was a typo for "Ronald" for the longest time, I have always loved his books.  Especially The BFG.  :)

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35.) Dinosaurs

36.) Vanilla Pudding- Way better than chocolate pudding, in my opinion!

37.) Sewing- This one's kind of obvious, isn't it? 

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38.) Dancing in the Rain

39.) Fairy Tales- old ones, modern ones, some Disney ones... I've even tried to write a few myself. The best kind of fiction there is.

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40.) Freesias- My favorite flower.  So pretty. So fragrant.  So hard for me to grow!

And there you have it... the post that took me two months to finish!!!