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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Herbs with Ciscoe Morris

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Do you know this crazy guy?  He's Ciscoe Morris, one of the premier gardening experts of the Pacific Northwest.  Here's a link to a great article about him.  I was lucky enough to go to a (free!) class on herbs that he taught at Molbak's a few weeks ago.  Here are some things that I learned:

Basil- cut it in the morning, before the oils evaporate

5/1/5 fertilizer is good to use on herbs and edibles because it keeps them healthy and from going to seed.
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Hardneck garlic is more pungent than softneck garlic, and you should fertilize it in March with blood meal or fish fertilizer.  

Chives and peas "hate each others' guts" (i.e. don't plant them by each other.)

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Geraniums repel flies, especially red ones.  Scented geraniums have scented foliage (I have a rose one that's amazing) and he recommended the "Maple Grey" variety.

Mint repels moles.
Bronze fennel will self seed everywhere. (He said, "I love this herb, but I won't grow it again.  I will visit you at your house to eat it!")

Catnip will grow in the shade.
Catmint is good for groundcover under roses.  Cats will only attach it if the foliage is bruised, so if they can't smell it, they'll leave it alone.

Parsley will grow in the sun or shade, but soak the seeds overnight before planting it.
Sage plants are good for about 4 years, then they get rangey.  Best to cut it down in the spring.

Hummingbirds love nasturtiums! (Wonder what I'll be planting on the back porch this year?)

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