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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter Craft! (Yes, I know it's late)

A few weeks ago, I found this super cute Easter craft on Pinterest... and had to make it immediately.  And, you're in luck!  If you want to make it for next year, everything is on clearance now, so it should be even cheaper for you!   

I started out with 2 bags of $2 plastic eggs from Target (make sure you find ones with holes at both ends), and ended up with about 7 leftover eggs.  I used the biggest needle I could find and threaded it with some baker's twine (that red/white stuff that everyone is using for everything right now.  I used it because it is strong and I have a huge spool of it.  Win-win!).  Tie a really big knot at the end.  I mean, really big.  Maybe even 2 or 3 of them.  You want it to not go through the hole in the egg. (Can you tell that I had some trouble with this?)  

Decide on a color pattern, and start sewing the eggs onto your twine.  Go until you run out of twine or eggs, then tie a big (really big) knot on the end.  Give yourself a little extra twine to make a loop that you can hang it with.  That's it!  Pinterest success!!

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