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Monday, April 14, 2014

Alice in Wonderland Garden Update!

This garden is really starting to come together!! With a moss-inducing winter, the path has more than doubled in size, and although I suffered some decorative losses (things froze because I didn't get them inside on time), I more than replaced the mushrooms that broke.

To start, you are greeted by a Chinese dragon, just because he is awesome.

View down the path

Kind of falling over flamingos; I think they're tired from being used as croquet mallets.  :)

Right and left sides of the path

I used some leftover bits of fallen trees to make the edging on the left. 

Also moved the red plant stand from the backyard, and filled it with fuschias from last weekend's plant sale.

There's the White Rabbit! (and transplanted hydrangea #1)

And the Caterpiller! (with future butterfly)

Hellabore that came back, transplanted hydrangea #2, and new euphobria!!

My favorite part.. all the colorful mushrooms!

 And new entrance stakes (they were a Christmas present from John)!
(You can almost see the dragon over there on the left.)

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