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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NW Flower and Garden Show: Showcase Gardens

 After lots and lots of stroller time, Zizi needed to run around.  So we found an open space in the corner by a bay door to the outside.

She ran around and around.

And kind of fell.

But she was ok!
Next up are some of the showcase gardens that were out in the skybridge area (note how much light there is!)

Lots of air plants

(these ones were really cool because they were kind of hiding under the bench, and growing upside down!)

Mini gardens

Recycled wine bottle gardening!

Cool patio ideas

I liked this spigot with faux water, and the actual rain gutter sculpture from the Subaru exhibit.

I caught this policeman looking out the window, and I thought it was pretty funny.

Underwater garden? Maybe... 
 (Can you see the fish?)

Using up vertical space with a repurposed mail holder.

And... using a wasp's nest as decor.  Now we've seen it all!

Lots of lovely blues and turquoises in this succulent patio scene.

I especially like the colors here... very beachy!

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