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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Organization- Craft Room

This month's HGTV magazine (my new favorite decorating magazine) had a feature on this incredibly detailed craft room.  It was amazing.  She had turned her son's bedroom (he went off to college) into a crafting room that would make Candy Spelling's wrapping room jealous.  She had sections for all of her scrapbook paper, her stamps, drawers that held different colored ribbons- and everything was white.  This was obviously not my craft room.

This is nothing.  NOTHING!
As a result of that article, I'm in the process of organizing my craft room.  It's amazing how a clean space will make you actually want to a.) be in the space and b.) make more things.. that may or may not add cause a mess, leading you to start all over again.. but I digress.  My parents got me 2 fancy spice racks for my birthday- I put one in the kitchen for spices, and the other is in the craft room for organizing tiny things.  It's kind of like this one:
image source
Right now it's only got a few things in it (washi tape, paperclips, small necklace/resin thingies) but I think it will be really useful when I fill it up!

I also added a couple of hooks like this to my fabric shelving unit.  Since I like to store projects in bags sometimes, I thought this would be a good way to get them off of the floor (and out of Ms. Mischief's reach).  Sadly, they were not these Bear Wang ones:

Such a shame.

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