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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Craft-a-mania

I really do have a reason for not blogging for so long.  See, I was trapped in a plethora of crafts and craziness...

Like a sparkly headband I made for myself, and those chevron pants that Z is wearing.

And the Viking hat that she used to hate but now can't stop wearing (and then I made one for me and one for John so that we could all be Vikings for Halloween.)

Then I made Z some more pants, but white fleece this time, and with pink bunnies on the knees. (more on that later!)

 On December 6th, we celebrated St. Lucia's Day, so I felted Z a candle hat, wrapped her in a sheet (in lieu of a white dress) and made an amazing braided bread.  It didn't rise, but was still delicious.  (Note to self: next time, don't keep heating up the butter+ milk to melt it.  Also, add saffron to the milk to color it a little bit.)

Oh look! More pants! With fancy pom poms on the booty!

That is a hair thing I threw together with a pipe cleaner and leftover felt from the hat project... and fancy trim on the bottom of the dress that I sewed on to make it fancier.

I'm beginning to think I have a problem.

For Christmas gifts, I made some ornaments with a cornstarch/baking soda dough that I found on Pinterest.  At first, only the Star Wars ones were working.  No one complained!  

My Cricut also got some serious use, making banners for six or seven friends.

By the end of the night, my dining room table looked like an elf sweatshop.

It snowed!  Zizi got some use out of the mittens I made her (and didn't take them off right away either!)

Last, but not least, this is the awesome bicycle that I felted for my sister.  I think it turned out really well! (and I may have to make some more for my etsy store that will be opening soon... more details to come!!)