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Monday, January 20, 2014

Sickness= Ginger Tea

I appear to have a bit of a cold.  :(  I'm mostly just stuffed up and sinus-headachy, and extra tired.  I looked up some herbal home cold remedies online, and most of them sounded disgusting.  (Garlic tea? Wearing castor oil like a lotion?  Salt water nose enemas?  No thank you.)  However, Ginger tea is a plan I can get behind.

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All you really need to do is chop up some ginger and steep it in hot water for 15 minutes or so.  You don't even need to remove the skin since you're not really eating it.  You can add honey or lemon if you want to, or just keep it straight up ginger.

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Since my awesome brother got me this gorgeous electric teakettle for Christmas, all I have to do to get piping hot water is press a button... and I have (almost) instant ginger tea!  Sayonara, head cold! (I hope)
You can buy it here! (no one is paying me to endorse this product, I just really love it.)


  1. Ok, I know the salt water nose enema doesn't sound like fun but it really works for me! It does take some getting used to, but it totally moves all of that junk out of the nose.

  2. I just can't do it... it creeps me out!! I tried when I was pregnant and couldn't take anything for my cold and it sort of worked, but ewww. :(