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Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Love: Farbenmix Ribbon

Did you know that you can buy fabric and notions on Etsy?  I've been doing it for a little while now, especially when it's something that's kind of hard to find (i.e. Viking fabric), but you can generally get really good deals on craft and sewing supplies.

That brings me to my latest finds: Farbenmix ribbons.  It's made in Germany, but manages to have both a Nordic and Japanese vibe at the same time, in my opinion.  This stuff is ridiculously cute!  I was initially looking for ribbon with gnomes on it (which doesn't really exist- at least not to my cuteness desirability level) but then I found this:

and this:

and this:

then this took the cake:

Red freaking Riding Hood ribbon?  You know I'll use that to edge Zizi's future red cloak!

There are also some like this that are super cute:

Just so. much. love.  How could you even choose? Let's just say that I went a little bit overboard, but my kid will have some over-the-top cute - one-of-a-kind clothes.  :)

(All of these ribbons/pics are taken from Chickadee's Supplies, where I bought my ribbons.  Not only was she super fast (i.e. so fast, she kept updating my special order as I added ribbons to it IN REAL TIME), she threw in a free piece of ribbon with my order!)


  1. If those were dog collars I'd be all over em. Super cute!

  2. I think there are some people who make them into dog collars... it would be pretty easy to do really- either hot glue it or break a couple of needles sewing them. :)