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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to make a Viking Hat (i.e. Vikings! Part 2)

(Winter is coming)

Just in case you want to join us as a Viking some day... you can make yourself a hat.

You will need:

brown fleece (1/2 a yard or less really)
white fleece (scraps are fine)
pillow stuffing (small amount)

To start with, hold up the brown fleece to your head, and see about how big your head is.  You will be cutting a half-circle that will fit over the top of your head.  Get the straight across measurement, and this will be the bottom of your circle.  Add about half an inch to the bottom measurement, then cut a makeshift half-circle.  Pin it together and try it on your head.  If it's too small, try again.  (You should have more than enough fabric with a half of a yard of fabric- get a yard if you want to make more than one hat.)

Do not sew the hat together yet!  The next step is to make the horns.  Using your white fleece scraps, fold it in half an cut out a horn shape. (If you are hesitant with your scissor skills, you could also start by drawing the shape on paper, then cutting it out with that... I'm just not that serious here.)  Make two for each hat (with two layers of fabric each, so 4 total, 2 each that match each other.)

Sew together the horn bits, right sides together.  Turn them inside out, poke out the ends with a pin head or chopstick, then stuff with pillow stuffing.  

If you want your horns to stick straight up (instead of the kind of floppy ones I did) you could put a pipe cleaner into the middle of the horn to give it some stability.

Now you are going to sew it together!  Place the finished horns FACING INSIDE the hat, and pin it along the edge. (*Note, the horns should actually be between the two brown fleece layers, I just did it this way to show you what they should look like on the INSIDE.)

Check and make sure that when you flip it, the horns will be facing the way that you want them to.

 Carefully sew the whole thing together.  Turn it inside out and put it on!

The nice thing about fleece is that it doesn't unravel.  At all.  So you don't have to hem it anywhere.  You could make a fancy pattern on the bottom or add some ribbon or something, but you totally don't have to.

Optional Braids (like Z's hat):  
Cut some thin pieces of fleece, way longer than the braids you want.  Tie three of them together with a knot, then braid the fleece.  When the braid is a length you like, tie another knot, and cut off the ends.  Make another one, then sew the top of the braids to the inside of the hat on either side, spacing them evenly.

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