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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

5 Secrets to Perfect Pizza!

 I make "homemade" pizza a lot.  Like once a week for lunch, lately.  The only reason it's not 100% homemade is because a.) Trader Joe's makes freaking delicious herb dough for a little over a dollar and b.) It takes a while to make your own dough.  (but you totally could)

Here are my secret tips, to making the best pizza in your home kitchen.

Tip #1: Let the dough come to room temperature.  Just throw it on the counter for an hour or two before you think you will get hungry.  This makes it much easier to work with!  You can also flatten it out with a couple tablespoons of flour or cornmeal before baking.

Tip #2: Get a pizza stone.  Preheat it in your oven to 450* without anything on it.  This is going to get a bit dangerous, but is totally worth it!

Assemble your ingredients.  You're going to need them soon.  I prefer using tomato paste (canned or homemade), whatever toppings, and then I just use 4 string cheeses as mozzerella.  Way easier for portion control and possibly cheaper too.

Spread out your dough so that it is ready!

Tip #3: When your oven is ready, it's time to work.  Carefully slide out your tray with the pizza stone on it.  (I probably don't need to say this.. but use potholders!)  Then slide out the stone a bit too.  Lay out the dough onto the hot stone, careful to not burn yourself.

Tip #4: Use a rubber spatula to apply your sauce!  This makes the process quicker and the sauce go on more evenly.

 Then do the rest of the toppings, and bake for 12-14 minutes.  Carefully slide the stone back onto the rack, then get that back into the oven with your eyebrows intact.

Tip #5: Check it about two minutes before it's supposed to be done, and switch on the broiler.  Then, you will have super browned cheese without overbaking the crust!

Now go enjoy your super-pro pizza!