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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Too many tomatoes? Part 1

If you have growing conditions anything like my parents do, you may find yourself in possession of too many tomatoes.  They can harvest up to a gallon or more cherry tomatoes daily during the end of the summer! (I'm not even joking here.)  Since no one should even think about removing the skins from cherry tomatoes, here is my easy solution.

Roast them.

It is freaking delicious, and super easy.

Step one: Cut tomatoes in half, place cut side up on a greased/foiled baking sheet.  (this is the hardest part)

Step two: Drizzle some olive oil around, and add a little salt.

Step three: Roast for around 3 hours, at 225*.  Seriously, no effort at all.

You can then eat them straight away (I like them on pasta), store them in the fridge for a week or so, or freeze them.  This year, I made two batches- ate one and froze the other.  (This deliciousness was inspired by and pretty much stolen from Smitten Kitchen.)

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