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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Two Salads For The Price Of One!

Today I was making myself a salad for lunch, and I had some leftover chopped green beans.  I thought to myself, "What if I made a salad for tomorrow right now?"

So I did.

I jumped on the bandwagon of making a layered salad in a mason jar, and everything seemed pretty happy together!  I did the lettuce last, so that it won't get soggy.  I also left out the avocado until tomorrow, since that always likes to go brown on me. :(  Here's what I did:

In a mason jar, add some veggies.  I used: chopped carrots, cherry tomatoes, chopped green beans, a little bit of raw onion, garbanzo beans, and then lettuce on the top.  Here is a secret though; I chopped up the lettuce, like a lot.  So much that it's not leafy, and can actually fit on your fork without slurping dressing everywhere (yes, that's a thing).  Tomorrow, I'll add some avocado, dressing, and sunflower seeds- and half my lunch is already made!! I know that some people will make these up on the weekend, enough for one every day- but I don't entirely trust that it will still be tasty by Friday.  If tomorrow's turns out to be delicious, then maybe I'll try it again with two days' worth!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A year ago...

I met The Bloggess!

Yes, it was a year ago and I was super pregnant (and it was really hot, and we are in a Costco).... but OMG I JUST DISCOVERED THAT VICTOR IS ALSO IN MY PHOTO!!

Secretly, hiding in the back there is Victor, Jenny's much maligned husband.  (That is one of my favorite posts of all time.)  He puts up with all of her crazy, even when the hilarity ends up with him having a giant bear's head in his bed.  I'm not joking, the man is a saint.  And she is one of the funniest writers out there.  Random celebrities love her too, including Wil Wheaton, so how could you not??

Anyway, I was super happy to find these hiding in my inbox, even though it's been a long time since it happened.  (Oh, and she signed a onesie for me that I made for Zizi, based on this post.)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Too many tomatoes? Part 1

If you have growing conditions anything like my parents do, you may find yourself in possession of too many tomatoes.  They can harvest up to a gallon or more cherry tomatoes daily during the end of the summer! (I'm not even joking here.)  Since no one should even think about removing the skins from cherry tomatoes, here is my easy solution.

Roast them.

It is freaking delicious, and super easy.

Step one: Cut tomatoes in half, place cut side up on a greased/foiled baking sheet.  (this is the hardest part)

Step two: Drizzle some olive oil around, and add a little salt.

Step three: Roast for around 3 hours, at 225*.  Seriously, no effort at all.

You can then eat them straight away (I like them on pasta), store them in the fridge for a week or so, or freeze them.  This year, I made two batches- ate one and froze the other.  (This deliciousness was inspired by and pretty much stolen from Smitten Kitchen.)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Seriously, I have been gone for over a month.  I was very sick with a bad cold/sinus infection/ear infection that took 2 rounds of antibiotics to fix. :( Then John cut his finger (badly) and just had surgery today to repair some of the nerve damage.  Things are looking up though... I'm back to exercise and seeing people outside of my house.  :)  Hopefully there will be a real post here soon, probably involving gardening, flowers, food, or Vikings.  Hang in there, faithful readers!