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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seattle Tilth Chicken Coop Tour, Part 2

The next house we went to on our tour boasted solar energy, bees, a koi pond, oh yeah, and chickens.

And also the biggest blueberries I've ever seen on a plant! (note hand for scale) :)  I completely attribute this to the honeybees that they keep on the other side of their yard.

Solar panels in Washington? Yes!


Koi pond!  (with a fun little feeder up there in front of that lady's feet.)



This was the back of their house, where they had some more berry plants.

The bees were really the coolest part for me.  You could see a few here and there leaving or going to the hives, but other than that, you would have no idea that someone was keeping thousands of bees here.  Zero.  This made it seem much more do-able for me, probably even easier and less of an impact on my yard than having chickens.

They were very into solar energy, even cooking a pot of chili in a solar oven that was over 300*!  I was really impressed.

There was also this freaking gorgeous passion flower vining up an entire wall of their house.  They got a lot of sun for sure!!

Next up was Stacy from Seattle Seedling's house!  I was so excited, since I've been a fan of her blog for over a year now.  It's one of two blogs in existance that I've read the ENTIRE thing; every post, I've read it.  

Her front yard is taken up by a few large beds, edged with wine bottles mostly donated from local businesses.  The main one is her "giving garden", where she donates all of the things grown there to a local food bank.

Front of the house

Secret plant!

She also makes mosaics, which you will see in a big way very soon...

Pollinator pathway and strawberry rain gutter garden

Here is the masterpiece:

She made this over the course of a month one summer, without even a firm idea of how it was going to end up; mostly she was just sure about the tree.

Stacy teaches gardening classes out of her house with her new project, Seattle Urban Farm School.  She also does some mosaic classes from time to time; maybe I'll get to take one this year.  

Lots of beans, and I loved the lavender edging, filled with bumblebees!

Next up? The final part of the ST tour, at the Goat Justice League! (You know we had to see that one, based on the name alone.) 

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