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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gardening... at the mall?

So, the last time I went to U. Village, it was a very disappointing experience.  I rarely get to go out shopping during the day any more, so the fact that they had nothing that I wanted to buy (and went there specifically to find) made me even more grumpy.  But then, I walked around, in an effort to cheer myself up.  This kind of helped:

 Everything was so vibrant!  Whoever it is that plans out the containers here has done a great job.

I love this gorgeous flowering purple tree.  

And no, your eyes are not deceiving you... that is SWISS CHARD planted in the middle of all of those flowers.  That is when you know that edible gardening has reached its' pinnacle; when an outdoor mall puts chard into their planting displays.

It's wonderful.

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