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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gardening Surprises

It's funny sometimes, when you are focusing on one area of your yard, to visit another section and see that life still goes on without you paying attention to it.  For instance, violets:

They went from nothing one day, to in bloom the next.  Or peas:

I planted these in late March, and NOTHING was happening forever.  And now they are starting to grow!

These raspberries, I thought they were completely dead.  They did nothing at all last year, so I planted some strawberries and asparagus there.  Now look at them!

Totally sneaking back in!  This was my biggest surprise though:

After pretty much neglecting these strawberries last summer, they are now taking over the entire bottom of my hill.  They are growing over rocks, with barely any in sight!!

And flowering too? That means berries, berries, everywhere this summer!

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