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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Here are some flowers that I planted last week...

I had a wide variety of seeds laying around, and thought it was time to put them to use!  Plus, I had some empty spots in my front yard that were just being attacked by weeds; the first year I started that bed, I had next to no weeds because I'd packed in so many plants that they just didn't have the space to grow.  That's my plan for keeping them out this year!

Columbine are perennials masquerading as annuals.  They actually come back, and sometimes even over-winter (as evidenced in my azalea pot next to the garage).  The perennial mix should give some nice surprises too.

I don't remember if either of these re-seed themselves, but it's worth a shot, right?

And these were no-brainers.   Butterfly mix AND something that keeps away vampires? Sold!

I first got some of these Nigella seeds a few years ago after a Seattle Tilth class; they interplanted them with some peas to get some extra pollinators around.  We'll see if they work for me!

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