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Friday, March 1, 2013

NW Garden Show, Part 1

What started out as a pretty normal day (getting baby ready, picking up Mom from the ferry) quickly turned into COMPLETE CHAOS as we parked and the baby had a hunger meltdown...and I discovered that while I had plenty of formula powder, I had forgotten both the bottle and the sterilized water at home.  (Despite the huge list I'd checked and double-checked the night before.  Yeah.)  I tried to leave the parking garage to wander around Seattle, looking for a drugstore, and forgot that the parking had to be paid inside.  And I had to pee.  So, I turned the car around, parked again, and left my long-suffering mother to placate the baby while I tried to pay the parking so we could leave.  Then I asked the attendant if there was a drugstore nearby, and thank God... there was.  I retrieved baby and Mom, and we headed out into the windy rain, where we found a bottle with a unicorn on it, and a giant bottle of water.  Fed baby successfully.  Then we go to the show, ate lunch, and this happened:

It was now about 1.5 hours after we'd planned to be there, and we decided to just skip all of the classes we'd thought about attending, and just look around.

Vendors and Flowers:

This booth had really cool metal flowers.  You can sort of see them at the bottom of the display; I really liked the tulips.

Gorgeous bright pink magnolia tree

I'd never seen anything like this, and unfortunately, the best picture of like 10 that I took.  They're called some kind of "Tiger Eyes" and looked like little lanterns.

And this booth? This booth was amazing. I snuck some pictures when the guy stepped away for a moment.

Purple. Victorian. Greenhouses.  Want to guess how much they were? The smaller ones were $18K, bigger ones were $36K.  Completely worth it.  :)

This was the window latch.  See what I mean?

Up next, the display gardens!

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