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Friday, June 15, 2012

Tomato Growing Tips

I recently got all of my tomato plants out of the seedling area and into the yard, and thought I would gather up some tips to help those who are new to the field of tomato growing.  (At last count, I have 23 plants this year... here's hoping for tomatoes before November this time!)

1.) Plant them somewhere that they will get a lot of sun

2.) Plant them DEEP in the soil.  Take off the lower leaves, and if there are white hair-like bits on the stem, those will turn into roots.  Stronger roots= stronger plants and more tomatoes!!
Image from: http://fredgonsowskigardenhome.com
3.) Water deeply and less frequently, if possible.  This causes the roots to work better, and supposedly will also increase your tomato yield.  I discovered that having uneven periods of watering is what causes "splits" in large tomatoes.  You can still eat them, but they go bad more quickly.  

4.) If, in the fall, you still have green tomatoes on your plants, you can pick them and they will ripen indoors.  It works best if you put them in a paper bag, and they're not quite as tasty as ones ripened on the vine.. but it's worth it if they never ripened outside!

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