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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meal Planning and Organizing

When I was in high school, my mom would use index cards to help us know what was for dinner.  She would put one on the fridge, and my dad would know what to start before she got home.  It didn't actually have the recipe on it (although some did, if they were new recipes), but it was an easy way to decide what to make with whatever was defrosting in the fridge.  Thinking about our October delivery, I decided that this could be a good trick for weekly meal planning for us.   I started by busting out a recipe file and some index cards.

I then wrote down every dinner idea I could think of, one per card.

On the back, I put on the left side, foods we are likely to already have in the house.  On the right side, I put other ingredients that we may need in order to make this dish.  This way, if we are tired of some foods, we can just pull out a card, see if it sounds appealing, and plan a shopping list without too much effort.  (I am all about saving effort, especially when I am anticipating sleep deprivation!)  These are all just for dinner ideas, and an easy way to make sure we're eating different foods.  Yet another glimpse into my organization madness!

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