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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Garden Update

My favorite rhododendrons!  (There is just a tiny one of this color, smushed into a corner of a giant white one in my front yard.)

Front bed, this year

Chives+ mystery bee

Lulu, the guard dog, behind some crazy huge carrots

This is the bed where I'm going to put tomatoes this year.  The hill is very steep though, so I'm trying to build up the front of it, so that the dirt will be deep enough to plant in.  My dilemma is trying to decide what type of bricks to use, because doing 2 levels of these small ones is not working- they are sliding off because it's so steep.  Maybe bigger ones will work? (or maybe I need to enlist the help of a certain husband to do a bunch of digging and leveling?)

My fig tree! Although I'm sorry to say, yesterday I found it knocked over, and both figs had fallen off. :(  I suspect a squirrel attack.  Guess this just means that I need to get a few more fig trees, so I won't be so disappointed if something happens to them.

The start of a pile of lavender plants; I think I'll have over 20 of them this year, for next to nothing!

Remember that new backyard bed? In the shade?  Yeah, it's doing better than pretty much anything else I've planted this year!

Guess it's not as shady as I thought. Even the squash are happy!

And... the first hydrangeas of the year!


  1. Very impressive. My garden is pretty pathetic! Those squirrels are devils! They eat all my cherries and apricots. They need to be abolished. They take advantage of their cuteness to cause havoc!

  2. I just took some pictures of a vampire bat squirrel, hanging upside down on my house to eat some bread I'd put out for the birds! I don't know how to keep them away, except to maybe get 5 outdoor cats or something. :)