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Monday, May 28, 2012

Outside the Twins' House

When Maria and Corinna bought their house a few years ago, it came with an amazing garden.  Amazing!  So amazing, that I was kind of jealous.  Fruit trees.  Piles of strawberry plants.  These cool Dr. Seuss-type plants that I love.

I think they're called Euphobora or something like that.

With a little patio in the back, and a HUGE expanse of grass.

Lulu loves grass!

They have a detached garage, and a cute little shed out there too.

Here are those strawberries that I mentioned... I can almost compete!

Gorgeous wisteria, over the back door.

Tree lanterns, and more grass

Peas with a little gnome


They also have lots of cute mini garden sections, with tiny friends to spy.

Just lots of hidden corners and new plants to find.  Such a nice place to hang out!


  1. It's even better now, with our raised beds! :) Almost every time I look out the window, I think, "imagine what Dana would do with this place!"

  2. Of course, it was this charming before we ever got there (that's why we bought it), so most of the credit goes to the Badgers. But we do love it!!! And we love our new raised beds!!