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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Outside my parents' house

I promised to do this a couple of weeks ago, and what do you know.. time got away from me!  So... here are the rest of the pictures from outside my parents' house.

Freaking giant collard greens that overwintered (with Sosha in the background, happily looking on)

Leeks!  Mine never look like this!

Overwintered chard

Comparison of chard to ginormous collards  (I'm really wondering how they will taste? Bitter? Normal?)

Their main lilac that bloomed this year.  I think that this is kind of a hit-or-miss year for lilac.  Only one out of my three plants had any blooms at all, and it was really just one branch.  My parents had one of like five plants bloom, while their neighbors across the street had a plethora of lilacs, and my best friend (who lives in Seattle) cut hers back last year and got nothing as well.  Maybe it's just a certain type that bloomed this year? I have some like this (that bloomed) and my verigated one did NOTHING.

The front yard

Bleeding hearts, some kind of magically hearty fuschia plant, and stone fountain

The rest of the front wall, complete with cherry tree and gazing globe

Tulips, rhubarb, and geraniums- this area is going to get bricks for a patio soon!

Front porch: I love these grape hyacinths and creeping jenny plants!

More creeping jenny and a tree azalea!

This concludes the tour of my parents' house.  I'm going there again this week, so maybe there are some new plants to report!

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