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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

So, I bought Chloe Coscarelli's new book, Chloe's Kitchen, and the first thing I make? The several-hours-to-kill-but-totally-worth-it Cinnamon Rolls! First step? (and not listed in the recipe, but my secret to share with you....) Toast the pecans:

If you have a toaster oven like I do, it makes it pretty quick, and also doesn't heat up your entire house. Toast them for about 15 minutes at 350*. Then taste one. THEY ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN NON-TOASTED ONES! It's really pretty unbelievable.

Now because I didn't alter this recipe at all, I'm not going to actually publish it here (sorry!), but I will lay out the steps, in case you buy/borrow/steal this book from someone.

Heat up soy milk on the stove. Add yeast, sugar, and flour. Mix.

Knead it out a bit.
Spray your bowl with nonstick spray, and let the dough rise for an hour and a half.

Put it in a warm place and cover it.

Then, roll it out, and put in the filling. (I actually did this part wrong. You are supposed to brush it with melted margarine/butter, and then sprinkle it with a cinnamon/sugar/nut mixture. I mixed them all together, with the melted butter. Then I needed a little more butter to brush around. It still turned out DELICIOUS.)

Roll it up, starting at the bottom...

Slice it into 4ths, then 12 rolls.

Arrange them into a pan, so that they touch each other (next time, I'm using a bigger pan and cramming them all in there!)

Let it rise again, then bake. Top with icing made from powdered sugar, soy milk, and vanilla extract. I may have put a tiny bit of maple syrup in there too (I blame Pioneer Woman's influence!)
Note: These were entirely gone in about 2.5 days. Between 2 people. You have been warned!!

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