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Monday, March 26, 2012


If that is a word, that is what we have around here...

It's like a mini crocus festival!

See how I cleverly buried some heavy wire mesh to keep the squirrels out? (it's green, in the upper right corner) Thwarted again, evil bulb eaters!!

Some carrots have overwintered, and might actually be an edible size!

Magnolia tree is getting ready to bloom!

And some early spring onions! (also just planted some wax beans in there yesterday)

I love having bulbs that actually come back! Tiny jonquils on the front porch.

And primroses that are completely thriving on neglect and shade. Who knew?

Up next? What am I planting this year?!


  1. ooOooOoOO! I LOVE THE CROCUS! They're like little flowers I imagine a crocodile would swim in...well, a romantic crocodile anyway...

  2. I'm really happy that they didn't get eaten this year! :) Our first year here, I planted 80 of them in the backyard, and nary a one survived. :(