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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Star Garland

A while ago, I came across a post on a crafty blog that was ridiculously cute, and I knew I had to make one. Luckily, I had a pile of FIMO clay stashed in my craft room. I rolled some out, and cut out some stars with a teeny tiny clay cutting star. Then I baked them. After they cooled, I got to work. (This whole thing was done over many days, an hour or two at a time.) I made a color pattern with the stars, and started gluing them to a think off-white ribbon, about 1.5 inches apart, with a piece of round sparkly confetti in the middle.Then I realized that a piece of confetti on the back would help secure the star to the ribbon, so I added that.

Lots of time and glue later, it was done!! (all the way down my stairs... but it was hard to get a photo of the whole thing without knocking out a wall.)

You could probably make them with all other kinds of shapes (hearts, flowers, frogs? what have you) for other seasons too. But, with how long this took... it's up until February for sure!

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