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Thursday, January 12, 2012


I'm going to Portland this weekend, and I feel like I should have a huge pile of vegan places to eat... but I don't. We're going to Voodoo Donuts, and a cupcake place (so the cakespy portion of our trip is covered) and The Fabric Depot (no trip to P-town is complete without that!) and probably Powell's. Any suggestions??


  1. For cupcakes you should def check out saint cupcake! They are one of the greatest cupcake shops ever. The toasted coconut cupcake is amazing and their pumpking cupcake is to die for. Amazing veggie lunches are found at laughing planet burrito, super delicious vegan chili, and both those places are located not too far from powells. Can't remeber the exact cross streets for saint cupcake, and I think they've moved since I live down there, but laughing planet is on 21st near johnson in the nw historic alphabet district :) they have yummy smoothies too and the to go cups are made out of that biodegradable corn plastic! Im so jelous your going to pdx, I miss it there soooo much, if only I could convince darren to move there...

  2. We are totally going there!! Thanks for the recommendation. I would have no idea where to start!! :) We're prolly going to Powell's tomorrow, so I'll put the laughing planet on the list!