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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fancy Soaps

Being a teacher, I get my share of soaps and beauty products given to me as gifts. Some are completely addictive, and some are maybe not so great. Here are some of the ones currently in my collection. Origins Ginger Hand Soap: This stuff is AMAZING. It smells like ginger tea and is so lovely that I wish they had a perfume of it. OMG THEY DO! Sounds like that's going on my Birthday List!

I buy some Estrella soaps every year at the Urban Craft Uprising craft fair. It's all vegan and handmade... and there are star shapes pressed into every bar.

This one was a gift from my sister-in-law. It's really smooth and smells very nice; will have to try it soon!

I discovered the Filthy Farmgirl line at a Farmer's market in Hilo, Hawaii. I ended up talking to one of the owners for quite a while, as John was talking to someone in another booth forever (and he had all the money). They have lots of soaps that sound kind of naughty (Filthy Beaver, Filthy Balls, etc..) but the designs are always ultra cute. And the smell? I kept out Filthy Unicorn for over a month, just to walk by and sniff it. (Maybe I'm kind of weird.) They also ship for free to the U.S., and give you some free soap if you buy piles of it. (i.e. over $12 worth.. so a small pile really.)

And... years of working at a French school got me hooked on L'Occitane products. Especially the hand lotion. And the bubble bath. And the piles of free stuff I get whenever I buy the hand lotion and bubble bath together (because it's freaking expensive). But yeah, their hand lotion can't be beaten, period.

This concludes my soap drawer show-and-tell. Hope you liked it!

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