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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy (almost) New Year!

To give you the best send off into 2012 possible, I thought I would share some funny pictures of my dog, and the crazy things we have done to her or made her wear. You're welcome!

Lulu does NOT like Snuggie!
(she chewed it to bits shortly after this photo was taken)

She is indifferent about being called "organic".

Pretty happy to be in her wedding wear.

Although not so much about being picked up.

Hiding while snorkeling around for snacks/lint.

Dressed as a mini-Ewok!

And a fairy! (she actually loved this costume... mostly because we kept plying her with cookies.)

She did NOT love wearing my wig though.

Lulu the babushka!

Side view

This was a few days ago. I woke up to see that her scarf had gotten not one but TWO legs through it; and now looked like a bikini top.

Of course I took pictures before helping her out of it.

Happy New Year!

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