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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Candy Lights

This year, after being inspired by this post from yesteryear, I have decided that any new decorations around here for the holidays have one simple theme: All candy, all the time. To this end, I bought some lollipop lights last year; and this year, I just went crazy. After I saw this post on making candy lights, I decided that it would be this month's project at crafty day.

It was a very good decision.

Despite the fact that I only bought two colors of cellophane, it turned out so awesomely that I may never take them down. (Last year? I think I kept up the Christmas lights until March- but that was mostly because our yard is extremely dark, and I wanted to be able to see as I went down the stairs for as long as possible.)

The hardest things to find were the corsage boxes, but that's only because I didn't know where a florist shop was. But I found one!

(note the candy striped rope lights; I want to get 2 more of them, but apparantly they are sold out of every Home Depot in the western hemisphere.)

Side of the driveway

From the top of the driveway

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