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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crafty Day equals Shopping Day?

Apparently this month, the answer is a resounding YES! Jo-Ann's was having a sale this weekend, the likes of which I have never seen before. Many things on sale? yes. Baskets 40% off? Yes. Patterns $1.29 each? Yes. (and Simplicities were $1 each today) Oh, and AN EXTRA 25% OFF OF EVERYTHING, AFTER DISCOUNTS, AND EVEN IF THEY'RE ALREADY ON SALE? Yes. It was freaking nuts. So nuts that, I paid for something I didn't even buy. So, I went back today, got my refund, and bought some of those aforementioned $1 patterns. Because I'm crazy like that.

Here is my new fabric stash:

Clockwise from left: blue/brown cotton for a dress, gold brocade for a pillow, gorgeous fleece for pyjama pants, coral print for a dress, gorgeously soft cotton for a cape/jacket, beautiful peacock brocade for a skirt (even though I keep picturing a jacket in my mind) that was so lovely; I bought all that was left. (it was only about 5 inches more than I needed, but still!)

Receipt from yesterday. Today's receipt says I saved another $86.30! I don't know anyone who buys patterns at full price, but they do them $1 each often enough that I just never do it any other way.

Cape for the plaid, pants for the pyjamas, ready made castle house for future children (or just us)....

And in here? Possibly a costume for John as the future Earl of Sandwich!

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