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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Things I have done to get rid of a cold....

I have been sick now for almost a month. I was almost totally better last week, then boom! Hit with a sinus infection. Today is day #3 of antibiotics, but here are all of the other things I've tried so far:

1.) Watching lots of Friends

2.) Kleenex with lotion (on box #3)

3.) Alternating Day-quil and Ny-quil

4.) Steaming my face with a wet towel heated in the microwave

5.) Jamba Juice Coldbuster (x2)

6.) Multiple calls to my mom (a nurse) asking for reassurance that I would one day get better.

7.) Garlic

8.) Take-out pizza (x2)

9.) Pho (x3)

10.) Several different kinds of tea, including Sleepytime yesterday (that I forgot I had) since I hadn't slept for 2 nights

11.) Used up both of my sick days in the first 6 weeks of school (yeah, I only get 2 paid ones, but it was totally worth it.)

12.) Afrin (totally evil; do NOT recommend!)

13.) Antibiotics

14.) Crazy saline nose rinse that is basically a nose enema:

(this was probably the worst one, mostly because I just can't get behind self-drowning- but it did sort of work yesterday.)
But, last night I was finally able to sleep a bit, and woke up today almost feeling like a normal person. Hooray! I think the face steaming has been the most helpful. Here's hoping that all of you are not sick. :)


  1. I have heard that the nose enema is very effective, but I cannot bring myself to do it. That feeling of outside water in the nose and beyond is just too horrible. I have been sick for days, but am finally recovering. Hope you do to.

    I got tempeh to make your recipe, but ended up making spaghetti with it because .. well not sure why. There was a reason. i plan to try your recipe below this weekend.

  2. It was really awful. It only sort of worked for me since you're supposed to use enough water for it to go into one side of your nose and out the other- and I really couldn't bring myself to do that. Just did one side at a time.

    I'm finally getting better though! I credit the antibiotics and many many hot towel face steamings. Glad you're getting better too!

    There's another awesome tempeh recipe that I adapt from "Appetite for Reduction"- it's the Portabello Pepper Stew (or something like that). Basically 3 bell peppers, kind of carmelized with an onion, add tempeh, some spices, and red wine for a lovely stew. Might make it early next week!

  3. That sounds like a winner. I love portobello mushrooms. I will give it a go.