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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chickens in Redmond!

Well, it looks like Redmond might be finally allowing us to have some chickens! The issue is up for discussion again next week, but according to the "issues" area here, we should be able to get up to 8 chickens by next year!
I'm sure there will be some opposed parties, but it seems to me that since the city has come up with amendments to the current law, it will probably go through. The only sad part for me is that they are just specifiying chickens, not ducks-which I really wanted. (although I'm not so sure that I like eating duck eggs- so was sort of leaning towards chickens anyway, despite their scary feet and propensity to pick on each other. Sigh.) There are tons of pretty chickens out there to choose from, like these gorgeous girls:
Speaking of chickens, I really should show you this:
If you've never read the bloggess before, you really should. This post is freaking hilarious. And? I should totally get one for outside the chicken coop- you know, for scaring away raccoons and other predators. Completely necessary.

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  1. Ducks have way more personality. Chickens can be sort of nasty. I had them once and not only were they nasty, they hid their eggs so that when I found them, I never knew how old they were.