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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Krista's Birthday Spread!

So, my sister came out to visit last weekend for her birthday, and what did she do? Cook for like 36 hours! She planned a huge cooking extravaganza for her friends, and it was AMAZING.

The recipe pile

Random ingredient pile (definitely not all of them)

Some roasted leeks and mushrooms, for the pizza below.

A few of the many dishes that were washed in preparation mode.

Japanese mushroom salad (from Nobu), giant pot of basmati rice that I was eating all week...

Baked tofu with bbq or peanut sauce (most amazing peanut sauce ever! From VWAV, usually served with cold udon noodles)

Pesto pizza with roasted mushrooms, leeks, and smoked mozzerella for us non-vegans; no cheese on the other one (this did NOT last long; I'm not a huge mushroom person, and I totally had two pieces!)

Lemongrass tofu, that I ate for two more lunches (also from VWAV, but I'm not sure what the technical recipe is.)

Dessert spread, complete with wine; vegan girl scout cookies (samoas or caramel delights, depending on your era) and macadamia nut ginger carrot cake, with macadamia/coconut frosting (like the frosting for German chocolate cake, but with macs instead of pecans- delish!)

Birthday girl!

All in all, it was a really lovely day, and I got to reap the rewards for most of the next week!

Happy Birthday Krista!

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