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Monday, September 5, 2011


I had a crafty day last Friday with my friend Shelley. Apart from doing some sewing, I made this: My jewelry box seemed to be overflowing with earrings, and I am usually pretty late in the morning. I had seen something like this somewhere in my internet travels, and decided that it needed to be made ASAP! So, I went to Ben Franklin, and found a frame that was relatively large (12x16?) and sufficiently "beachy" enough to fit in with my tropical/ocean themed bedroom/bathroom. And? It was $7.

Then I got home and realized that the extra leftover screening material I knew I had was nowhere to be found. After a trip to Home Depot and another $6, we were ready to start. (but now I have enough screening material that if I decided to, I could manufacture these for at least 10 more people)

I tore off the back of the picture frame. Then I cut a piece of screen that was a bit smaller than the frame. I stapled it to the back of the frame, while holding it tight. Then; how to hang it? I pulled out some ribbon choices and settled on the bees (because they are awesome!). Stapled that to the back too. Hung it up with a thumbtack and added earrings.

Done and done!

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