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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Look what I discovered....

That mystery squash? The one that came from nowhere (probably the compost)? Look what it's turned into: A pumpkin!! Of course it's taking over the world, and there's only one, but how exciting is that? I've never been able to grow one before, so the fact that it just started itself is pretty cool. :)

Here is the whole "new this year" side of the driveway bed. The pumpkin is on the left.

And here is the newest bed, that used to be entirely ivy. Right now I have strawberries, bush beans, rhubarb, kale, chard, brussels sprouts, and I think arugula growing there.

Look at this rhubarb!! These plants are actually already a year old, and until I moved them here, had done NOTHING. Now they're making an entirely new harvest this month!

Other side of the bed

And my new delphinium. Isn't she gorgeous?

And this is the biggest tomato plant in my troop this year; aptly named "Goliath". The tomatoes are yellow and sweet; really fantastic!

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