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Monday, July 25, 2011

Orondo Cherries!

These are my new favorite cherries:

They are really juicy and delicious! A little bit sweeter than regular Rainier cherries, they remind me of the very first Rainier cherries I tasted back when I was about 10. My grandmother had bought some from the side of the road, on the way to see her accountant (she used to own a bookstore). They were the most wonderful cherries I'd ever tasted, and I forsook (forsooth!) the regular red ones to second best ever since. But lately? I haven't liked the Rainiers as much for some reason.

Not these though. I'm on my 3rd pound of them already this summer, in about 2 weeks. And since I'm the only one in my house who likes cherries, I know it's all me. Plus? As a bonus, they seem to be cheaper than any other cherry at the market (at my QFC anyway), and they're local; so if you see them, give them a try! Find out more about them here.

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  1. Hi Dana!

    Nice blog! I wanted to let you know that you can get these shipped overnight, on ice through Pak it Rite now. They really are fantastic, aren't they?