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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gardening Excitement!

I saw the most exciting thing as I drove up the driveway yesterday:

An actual artichoke! Growing in my yard! Not just thistly bits! Or tiny plants that survived the winter only to get eaten by a squirrel! A REAL ARTICHOKE!!

In truth, there are 4 of them coming!!!

See, a tiny one!

I also have 4 kinds of mint this year. This one is regular spearmint.

Teeny tiny Corsican mint.

Chocolate mint (I also have orange mint, but missed a picture of that one. Oops!)

This is my biggest tomato plant. Guess it's called "Goliath" for a reason! $6 from the Redmond Farmer's Market.

Here is my newly completed bed! It's got some transplanted strawberries, some beans, and greens coming up soon.

Here's the lettuce!

And beans! (note the high-tech zip ties for trellising)

One of the first two roses from our "Everlasting Love" roses. They smell so good!

Most of this lettuce died in one of the random heat wave days we had (surrounded by days of cold and rain); but this much has already come back or managed to survive!

The first Calla Lily to emerge from the bunch John gave me when he proposed last year! It's a bit different in color than it was originally, but I love it!

Side view of driveway bed; I've cut back the rhubarb three times already, and it's still going strong!

Also notice: this giant squash plant? I did not plant it. It sprang up out of nowhere; either leftover in compost or just from the air. We'll see what it turns out to be soon! (and FWIW, it's doing the best of all the squash in my garden, crazily enough.)


  1. I'm totally in love with your artichokes! How exciting to actually grow some! The other plant I love to watch grow is Brussels sprouts, although I am not a fan of eating them. Your gardening is going so well!

  2. I'm really excited about it!! :) You should totally come over some time!

  3. Your lone artichoke is beautiful, as is the rest of your garden! You're making wish I would have planted artichokes this year :P

    Sarah | www.TheImpatientFarmer.com