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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Easy food for a hot day

Today we will be making a veggie version of a delicious hot dog. "Delicious veggie dog?" you say. "Unheard of!!" But, it's true!! Start by carmelizing some onions:

(Cut up onion, cook over low heat with about a Tbsp. of olive or canola oil for about 15 minutes.)
Then get some of these:

Cook the hotdogs on the bbq; but, in foil and with a little oil. Since they are ultra low fat and well, fake, they will stick; not only to the grill, but also the foil. They also cook really fast, so you only need to grill them for 5-8 minutes. You can also toast up the buns on the grill if you want.

Assemble with some ketchup and mustard, and you are set!! (I also like this with veggie chili; this summer is probably the most veggie hot dogs I've ever eaten!)

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